Sonic Expedition

Sonic Expedition

Saturday, March 19, 2016 - 8:00pm

sonic expedition
New Music for Voice & Bassoon
Thursday, March 19 
8:00 PM
Archie Carey, Basson/Odeya Nini, voice
This concert presents the voice and bassoon as individual instruments and as musical partners. Archie Carey and Odeya Nini will perform works composed for themselves and for each other, solo and together, in three parts:

1. A Solo Voice: begins an exploration of extended vocal techniques and song that finds its own logic of communication via expressions of body, emotion, and thought.
2. Voice and the Bassoon: a series of compositions intertwining these two qualities of sound in dialogue. At times inseparable and at times vastly diverging, both instruments find harmony in texture, points of commonality, and aberrant ways.
3. Bassoon Solo: a sonic exploration offering new creative possibilities from the bassoon as a character and as a tool for realized imagination.

Odeya Nini is a Los Angeles-based experimental vocalist and contemporary composer. At the locus of her interests are textural harmony, gesture, tonal animation, and the illumination of minute sounds, in works spanning chamber music to vocal pieces and collages of musique concrète. Her solo vocal work extends the dimension and expression of the voice and body, creating a sonic and physical panorama of silence to noise and tenderness to grandeur. Recognized as a vocalist of unique and powerful expression, a “sonic goddess”, Odeya's solo work has been presented at venues and festivals around the US and internationally from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv, Odessa, Mongolia, and Vietnam. Odeya holds a BFA from the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music where she studied with Theo Bleckmann and Gerry Hemingway, and an MFA in composition from California Institute of the Arts. Her debut album Vougheauxyice, for solo voice, was released in April of 2014.
EventArchie Carey is a composer and a bassoonist living in Los Angeles.   As a performer, he plays music from the middle ages to the avant-garde finding enjoyment in the details of many genres.  His work as a composer aims to magnify sound, pitch, timbre, and environment to make the subtlest details a point of focus, achieved by using long durations, alternative tuning systems, and contrasts between extremely high volumes and silence. In solo work and in a collaboration he has been experimenting with field recording, analog electronics, and aspects of performance art drawing inspiration from natural phenomena and personal experience.  Archie is an active member of new music ensembles wildUp and the Joshua Trio, as well as several improvisation groups.

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