The Commission

About Us

The War Memorial Commission was created under both State and City law to operate the War Memorial building, constructed as a memorial to World War I veterans. The Memorial now serves all veterans of the State.

Authorization for the War Memorial Commission was enacted in 1924 (Chapter 537, Acts of 1924). In 1970, the Commission became part of the Department of General Services. It transferred to the Department of Veterans Affairs in 1999 (Chapter 125, Acts of 1999).

The War Memorial is run by a 10-member commission, five are appointed by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs with the Governor's approval, and five by the Mayor of Baltimore (Code State Government Article, secs. 9-931 through 9-935). The members are appointed to service a five-year term. The commission, as enacted by an Act of Legislature, is responsible for operating the building as well as enacting its rules and regulations; they have done so since the building’s construction. The State agency responsible for oversight of the building is the Maryland Department of Veteran’s Affairs. The responsible City agency is the Department of General Services. DGS conducts day-to-day operations of the building, reporting to the commission quarterly.

The Commission has custody and supervision of the War Memorial Building and the War Memorial Plaza.

The Building is open and available for meetings of veterans' groups and patriotic societies, and for civic gatherings. Maintenance costs are shared equally by the State and the City of Baltimore.

Members of the Commission

Marian C. James, Chair (chosen by Commission in Sept. to 2-year term), 2017

Edward A. Bauer, Vice Chair (chosen by Commission in Sept. to 2-year term), 2017 

Appointed by Secretary of Veterans Affairs with Governor's approval to 5-year terms: 

  • Harold Webster, 2019
  • Edward A. Bauer, 2020
  • Timothy A. Rainey, 2020 
  • Cate Conroy, 2020 
  • Wilson J. Thornton, Jr., 2017

Appointed by Mayor of Baltimore to 5-year terms:

  • Marian C. James, 2018
  • Norman E. Johnson, Jr., 2018
  • David Clements, 2018
  • Charles Culver, 2019
  • Rebecca Stone-Johnson, 2020


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